Welcome to the farmhouse studio!!! (I’m BACK!)

Whew:)  It’s been a while!  Actually a long while!  I’ve been on a little break.  About a year ago, we sold our home and began the process of building on our farm.  It has been such a fun process & I’ve been lucky enough to be able to shoot a few clients here and there while we rented.  I’m SO excited to be in the new house and studio.  It is all on our 12 acer farm & the studio is connected to the house via passageway.  It’s a dream come true!! I promise, more info on the studio (pictures), mentoring sessions, and everything will be updated soon!!  I’m really happy to be back!!  Until I get more pictures and info, here’s a taste of what’s to come in my new little space.  Finley’s family was the perfect little family to break in my new studio.  Enjoy!!!


Finley6-1-2 copy
Finley6-1-11 copy
Finley6-1-12a copy
Finley6-1-17 copy
Finley6-1-18a copy
Finley6-1-22 copy
Finley6-1-24 copy
Finley6-1-30 copy
Finley6-1-32 copy
Finley6-1-34 copy
Finley6-1-35a copy
Finley6-1-41 copy
Finley6-1-42 copy
Finley6-1-45a copy
Finley6-1-47 copy

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