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Video Tutorial: Head Swapping in Photoshop


****SALE STARTS Thursday, April 9th, AT 10:00 AM EST****

Sale price is only good on April 9th!!!

*The head swapping technique can be used in PSE and ALL versions of photoshop:)  whoohoo!

After the huge success of her last video, Kimmy asked her fans what else they’d like to learn & head swapping was requested.  She decided to create a tutorial to help them out:)  If Kimmy has 2 photos that could combine and make ONE amazing shot, she uses this technique to swap items from one photo to another!!  Shhhhh, don’t tell her clients 😉

With this purchase, you will receive a 25 minute video where you’ll watch Kimmy edit the entire image posted here for this product.  She will begin in Lightroom and end in Photoshop.  She will show you each step she took in a live 25 minute video that you will be able to download and keep in your personal files.

Additional perks: Watch a FULL edit including LR syncing, head swapping in PS, how I use portraiture (when she use it), cloning, and lots of fun tips along the way (while focusing on the head swap!)

Kimmy uses one of her lightroom presets, photoshop actions, and some basic photoshop techniques to transform this image!!

Upon purchasing, you will receive a document with a link and password information to view and download this video.

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***This product is an instant download.  Right after payment, you can click directly on  “Photoshop Video-Head Swapping” on your checkout receipt page for a direct and immediate download:).  See photos in gallery for this product. You will also receive an email within 24 hours.  To download via email, click on the underlined link that says Download: Video Tutorial: Head Swapping.  You have 3 download attempts & 30 days. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please make sure you are using the same email as your paypal account.  Check spam.  If you still missed your conformation email with the link, please email me with your paypal address anytime and I’ll send it to you by hand (but check the checkout page for an IMMEDIATE download)!!





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-There are many ways to do things in photoshop, THIS is Kimmy’s way…you wondered how she did it & this is how! There is no room for critique or complaints!

All sales are final & not refundable

***This product is an instant download.  Right after payment, you can click directly on  “Download file: Photoshop Video-Head Swapping” on your checkout receipt page for a direct and immediate download:).  You will also receive an email within 24 hours.  To download via email, click on the underlined link that says Download: Photoshop Video-Transforming Backgrounds.  You have 3 download attempts & 30 days to download your product.