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Green & Golden OUTDOOR Lightroom Presets


Kimmy’s GREEN & GOLDEN OUTDOOR Presets (Lightroom 5, 6, CC)!!!

This purchase is for the Lightroom OUTDOOR Presets ONLY.  Click back to the Shop for Kimmy’s Newborn LR presets as well as her Photoshop finishing touches presets  (that she runs on ALL outdoor and indoor photos).

**All photo samples are ONE CLICK + exposure!!!!

Includes Kimmy’s Green & Golden OUTDOOR Presets.  These are specifically designed for outdoor sessions and will not work well on studio shots.  They work best with LOTS of added exposure.  Kimmy’s editing workflow for outdoor is done 90% Lightroom and 10% photoshop.  She does all the major work in lightroom and polishes off the photo in PS (touches up anything that needs to be fixed (scratches, blanket cloning, composits, etc).  She always runs her Final Touches actions at the end in PS which adds a touch of pink haze, color select vignette, and sharpening (NOT SOLD with this LR set).

Kimmy’s Green & Golden Presets were created with her by her shooting style.  She loves shooting those classic, clean, and bright “green” shots.  But at the same time, she also loves those sweet warm “golden” hour light shots.  Since she does both types of images in her sessions, this set was created as she edited her photos over the past 3 years:)

(27 total presets) Golden: Faint Greens, Fall Cool, Fall Grass, Fall Warm, Field, Field Sunset, November Grass, Pink Dreamy Grass, Warmth.  Goodness…..(a general preset that separates the two “sets”).  Green: Bright & Bold, Faint, Film, Film Blue, Film Contrast, Film Grain, Film Pink, Film Warm, Fog, Light, Light II, Minimal, Pop, Spring Flowers.  B/W: Classic, Moody.

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Downloading Info***This product is an instant download.  Right after payment, you can click directly on  “Download file: Kimmy’s Green and Golden Outdoor Presets” on your checkout receipt page for a direct and immediate download:).  You will also receive an email within 24 hours.  To download via email, click on the underlined link that says Download: Kimmy’s Green & Golden Outdoor Presets.  You have 3 download attempts. If you do not receive an email, please email with your paypal address.  Don’t forget to check spam as well as the email that your paypal is registered with.  


Importing files into photoshop and Lightroom <<<Click here to watch me purchase and import the presets/actions into PS and LR.

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Terms & Conditions

Kimmy Howard Photography created these presets and actions for Lightroom 5, 6, & CC.   Instructions are as user friendly as possible, however you are responsible to have general knowledge of how to import and run actions/presets. Kimmy Howard is not responsible to provide a backup or 2nd if you lose access to your original purchase via computer crash, fire, or user error. These products are NOT to be claimed as your own presets/actions or resold in any way shape or form.  Copyright laws protect these designs.

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All sales are final & not refundable



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