November Workshop {Newborn Photography Classes} Kimmy Howard Newborn Mentor

I had the sweetest class back in November!!  We worked with 3 models throughout the day and I taught them the ins and outs of newborn photography.  One even came all the way from Saudi Arabia to learn from me!!  We had the most beautiful models!!

Beau-1-5a copy
Beau-1-9b copy
Beau-1-11a copy
Beau-1-13a copy
Beau-1-17 copy
Beau-1-19 copy
Beau-1-23 copy
Beau-1-24a copy
Beau-1-30a copy
Beau-1-39 copy
Beau-1 copy
Pensee-1-18 copy
Pensee-1-4 copy
Pensee-1-9a copy
Pensee-1-13 copy
Pensee-1-14a copy
Pensee-1-17 copy
Pensee-1-18a copy
Pensee-1-21 copy

ElsieP-1-3 copy
ElsieP-1-4 copy
ElsieP-1-6 copy
ElsieP-1-19 copy
ElsieP-1-20 copy
ElsieP-1-22 copy
ElsieP-1-24a copy
ElsieP-1-27 copy
ElsieP-1-32a copy
ElsieP-1-34a copy
ElsieP-1-35 copy


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