The Studio

More pics Coming soon:)


  • This is pure genius!

    Do you switch out the “beds” when you do a set up with the white ash and the plain wood?

  • Hi Kimmy! My name is Stephanie Cotta and I am a photographer based out of St. Louis, Missouri. One of my good friends suggested I contact you – Ashley Ireland…. Two of my clients moved up to Indy in the past few months and I am coming up there on Friday for their shoots (they were in the middle of the first year baby plans!). I have shot in Indy before and have been able to rent studio space from a sweet girl name Kelsey… their studio is booked on the day that I need it. Would it be at all possible to rent your studio for two hours on Friday afternoon? I will obviously pay you for the time. If you could let me know, it would be greatly appreciated! Warmly, Stephanie

  • This is awesome! And with a pregnant belly growing, i need to get off the floor! Is there a tutorial on how to build it?

  • Kimmy I absolutfel love this bed/backdrop it is so clever! Please, please, please create a tutorial for it.

    Love your work.


  • Jessica Marshall

    Hello! I just love this set up and I was wondering if you had posted any other pictures or instructions on this amazing project.

    Thanks so much!

  • Ashley Towner

    Genius! I love this set up!!!! Could you please send me a tutorial on how to creat this and/or the demensions? Thank you kindly.

  • I love everything about this… showing the pics to my hubby as we speak! Can I ask how the natural and whitewash boards work? Are they white on one side and natural on the other or is it a completely different set of boards?

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