2014 Holiday Cards



Here are a few facts about the cards:

-Come in sets of 25

-Cards are 5×7 flat  or 3×3 tri-fold (if you need another size, or would like a folded card, let me know)

-Cards are printed on front AND back

-Chose from thick pearly cardstock, cover stock, or linen paper

-25 envelopes are included

*Some fonts and colors can be changed.

If you’d like to order your holiday cards through me, please email me the photo ID numbers as well as the card number and I will put together an example for you.

  • Zosso

    Hi! First I just want to say, you do some BEAUTIFUL photos! I really adore!
    I come from Switzerland, and I have just begin to be newborn and pregnancy photographer.
    I really love your style for photos and cards, albums, everything!
    And I have a question, did you do by your self the design of the cards and albums? Because it’s really the style I adore, and it’s not really common in Switzerland.
    Sorry for my english, I hope you understand me.


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